Change hands


Agency: Volontaire

Every 17 minutes someone in Sweden suffers a stroke and is forced to re-learn basic things – like walking, talking and writing. Public awareness of this is low. The access to rehabilitation is unequal and depends on where you live. Together with The Brain Foundation (Hjärnfonden) we were spreading knowledge and putting pressure on politicians to act. To increase awareness of the problem we let people change hands to sign a petition for better stroke rehabilitation. A chance to feel what it is like to relearn things we all take for granted. Change hands 2015 became a viral success and 200,000 signatures were collected. The engagement on the site was so big that the heavy traffic caused major disturbances for Sweden's biggest web host.

In 2016 we wanted to take the concept further because we felt a duty towards all those engaged last year. We came up and went ahead with an idea to highlight the 200,000 signatures that we had received by printing them out and to submit them to the Minister of Health, Gabriel Wikström to encourage him to make a change in our health system.

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