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Podcasts have been increasingly popular for years, especially among those ones who commute to work. PEAB, a Swedish construction and civil engineering company behind the development of Nya Råsunda, asked us to make their commuters’ time better. That is how “Pendelpoddar” – Commuter Podcasts was born.

Pendelpoddar is a service recommending podcasts based on their length (related to commute time), rather than topic or genre. Based on the geography of the origin and destination, the user receives a list of podcast episodes that match their travel time. The service was locked to Sweden only, but would suggest podcasts from UK, US and Sweden, by connecting to open API’s of Google Maps and iTunes.

This project has been covered by PSFK and Trendhunter, and is highlighted as a case of business innovation in the book “Disrupt!: 100 Lessons in Business Innovation” by James Bidwell.

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