Sort it out, Stockholmers!

Stockholm Vatten och Avfall

Agency: Familjen, Olivia Jeczmyk

In Stockholm, people have a generally high interest in cooking and creative presentation of food, but the interest ends when the food has been neatly put on the plate. Few people care about the aftermath, the culinary activities leave behind.

Through our concept "What about the leftovers?" we wanted to raise awareness of typical food scrap items such as eggshells, avocado pits, and leek tops. Those parts that are usually tossed away and disregarded should be viewed as the hero products because they can in fact act as fuel for buses when converted to biogas.

It was unusual for leftovers and food scraps to be publicised in this way until this campaign. The mission was to flip the perspective and educate the masses that leftovers can be turned into popular family dishes.

And also. A "scraps lunch" was sent out to 50 foodies to raise the issue.


© Patricia Miodek

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