The recipe remake

Stockholm Vatten och Avfall

Agency: Familjen

Together with 25 municipalities, we changed our strategy on the food waste issue. We wanted to get closer to the behaviour and make food-sorting a new, natural step in conscious cooking. With this nudging-focus, we managed to change the template of recipes on Sweden's most popular food website.

With the help of the editorial staff, we looked over the 'do-this-then-that' texts, and now we're concluding with an ask for you to sort the shells according to your stroganoff, smoothie, or pancake recipe. Köket.se has around 1.2 million visits/week and reaches our primary target audience with its popular family recipes.

The sorting also got a new media space – Cooking TV. Never before have the peel or the food waste bag been seen at the same time as the fine TV chefs in Köket Morning TV.

And some of the biggest foodies and influencers in Sweden turned food scraps and leftovers their prime message with their followers.

© Patricia Miodek

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