Leksands Knäckebröd

Agency: Futurniture

Crispbread is fragile, and therefore perhaps not an obvious choice for a hike. We felt that it’s a shame. Packs of crispbread all around the world were left at home, alone instead of being out on a nice hike in nature. But what if that could be changed? What if there was a bag that not only protects and keeps the bread intact, but also makes you the best looking person in the forest? Here is “Trekanten” (The Triangle), a bag for all the challenges of the hike.

Leksand's crispbread has a very unstressed production method, i.e. that it is not an accelerated fermentation process. As a tribute to the unstressed, we wanted to encourage crispbread eaters to live by the same principle. To go out into nature, find a quiet place and enjoy the crispbread. “Triangeln” is a fine craft leather bag, made in cooperation with Tärnsjö Garveri, equipped with a fire steel, a butter knife. Its durable inside is made of sheet metal. It is tailored to Leksand's unique triangular shaped crisp bread, which has looked the same since 1986. Pretty unstressed if you ask us.

Leksands – Trekanten

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